Transform employees into EX-factors that fuel better CX.

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Transform employees into EX-factors that fuel better CX.

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Improve CX Metrics by 20%

Jibe is a revolutionary EX plug-in that aligns employees to accurately predict customer survey responses, providing you with responses with every customer interaction. This helps you close the gaps in your survey data and generate pinpoint insights that drive transformative growth. As a result, Jibing agents deliver 20% better overall customer experience, with lower average handle times and improved conversions.

How It Works

Jibe tasks agents to respond to the same survey as your customers and predict customer responses objectively and with impunity. Both sets of responses are then compared with one another to gauge accuracy and develop your agents to become more attuned to the thoughts and feelings of your customers.

This process goes on repeatedly until the agent’s predictions and the customer’s responses are in accordance with one another, signaling that the agent’s predictions can be trusted and leveraged.

Jibe Survey

Jibe Survey empowers your agent to serve as a powerful customer advocate as part of your CX improvement strategy. Agents are tasked to reflect on their interactions as they are completed and to predict how they believe customers would respond to each question on the survey.

Agent responses are then audited using actual customer responses to gauge their Jibing status. As agents become more tuned and consistently provide matching responses, they achieve Jibed status, which greenlights their predictions for use throughout your analytical infrastructure.

Jibe Survey is personalized to mirror your existing customer survey.

Jibe Agent

Jibe Agent provides high-level and quickly consumable data points related to the agent’s survey prediction accuracy. Accessed directly through the CRM, key information, such as progress toward becoming Jibed and performance versus their team and the overall organization, are presented in clear and easy to understand graphics and statistics.

Jibe Supervisor

Jibe Supervisor provides insights related to each agent’s prediction accuracy and progress, giving supervisors all of the information and tools needed to assist their agents in becoming Jibed. It shows them which agents require help in improving their prediction accuracy with direct links to the interactions that had mismatching customer and agent responses.

Jibe Leadership

Giving operations and executive leadership quick insight related to Jibe performance, Jibe Manager displays number of agents Jibing, overall accuracy scores, and Jibe Collab sessions completed.

Great EX Fuels

Better CX
Deeper Insights
100% Survey Responses

Zacoustic prepares your agents to predict customer survey responses, giving you more actionable data to improve key metrics.

Center CX Strategies Around Empowered Employees

Zacoustic’s revolutionary Employee Experience plug-ins align your employees to accurately predict customer survey responses.

This allows you to fill your survey data gap and generate pinpoint insights that drive better Customer Experiences.

Brands That Trust Zacoustic

Introducing Zacoustic

See how Zacoustic allows you to monitor and improve CX metrics in real time, create an inclusive environment that keeps employees engaged, and realize the full benefit of your CX platform.

For over a decade, Zacoustic has owned the employee survey prediction space and empowered the Employee Experience and Customer Experience strategies of Fortune 500 and blue-chip clients. Now, Zacoustic is proud to introduce new innovative CX and EX plug-ins that will redefine exceptional experiences.

Great EX
Fuels Better CX

Are you struggling with low survey response rates? Fully engaged employees may be the EX-factor you’ve been overlooking!

Discover how Zacoustic helps you tap into your team’s potential and create unforgettable experiences for your customers.


More Responses, Deeper Insights

Never make important decisions based on incomplete data ever again. Zacoustic bridges your CX data gap by providing highly accurate survey predictions for each agent interaction. This leads to insights that inspire impactful changes your customers will love.

Empowered Employees, Faster Growth

Zacoustic creates an inclusive environment where your agents become central to your CX strategy by serving as the Voice of the Customer. As a result, agents who use Jibe achieve 20% better CX, with lower average handle times and improved conversions.

Seamless Integration, Zero Headaches

Salesforce? AWS? Regardless of which platform you use, Zacoustic offers seamless integration with your CX management system, letting you enjoy the benefits Zacoustic offers with minimal-to-no training for a frictionless user experience.

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