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Zacoustic trains employees to accurately predict customer survey responses generating transformative insights and behavioral innovations

train employees to predict customer survey responses to generate unprecedented insights


How Zacoustic’s Patented Customer Calibration Works

(1) EMPLOYEES PREDICT - For every interaction, customer facing employees predict how customers would respond to the existing customer survey questions.

(2) CUSTOMERS AUDIT –  Zacoustic compares predictions to customer responses to help employees improve accuracy.

(3) TRUSTED DATA – When employees begin generating consistently accurate predictions, Zacoustic leverages their data to reveal actionable insights to improve productivity and CX.

Zacoustic calibrator


Capture the Benefits of Calibration

Zacoustic calibrated agents are demonstrably more aware of customer sentiment throughout each interaction, plus they produce accurate survey predictions for every call, chat, email, or face-to-face interaction they handle.

Transform customer experience through employee engagement


Benefits of Zacoustic

Engage Employees - Make customer-facing employees the centerpiece of CX improvement, while enhancing experiences for them and the customers they serve.

Expand Insights - Reveal valued insights by tapping into a brand new pool of high quality data.

Improve Metrics - Boost key metrics like like Net Promoter Score, First Call Resolution, and Average Handle Time.

Optimize Staffing - Reduce employee and frontline leadership staffing requirements through targeted automation.

Zacoustic insights


Transform Experience Management

With a customer survey outcome for every interaction, Zacoustic isn’t marginalized by low customer response rates. Learn how Zacoustic Insights pushes actionable data to users in real-time.

connect employees directly to their own performance improvement strategy

The Zacoustic Adoption Model


Improve loyalty through employee engagement

Engaged Contact Center Agents Are:


Zacoustic QA Vision


Optimize Quality Assurance

Zacoustic QA Vision delivers the highest priority interactions and provides automated guidance to quality assurance analysts while bringing efficiency to QA staffing.

What our clients and users say:


Zacoustic aura


Send Surveys with the Zacoustic Aura

Zacoustic integrates with every major survey platform, including:

  • Medallia

  • Qualtrics

  • Zoho

  • Survey Gizmo

  • SoGo Survey

  • Survey Monkey

  • Others

Or, create and send surveys with the Zacoustic Aura.

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Introducing the future of experience management

Generate predictive insights that lead to reduced customer churn, increased customer spending, and improved customer experience.