Navigate Experience with Human Predictions

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Make Your Agents the Voice of the Customer

Learn how your agents can become the voice of the customer, generating valuable insights while also becoming central to your customer experience strategy.

The Jibe Data Stream Enhances Customer Experience and ROI at DIRECTV

Agents Predict Customer Survey Responses – Customers Audit

Jibe is a cutting-edge platform that not only empowers and engages employees but also enables them to drive accurate predictions for exceptional customer outcomes revolutionizing the way organizations deliver customer experiences.

Integrate the Jibe Data Stream to Unleash the ROI of Your CX Stack

Let the Jibe Data Stream enhance existing Customer Experience Management Systems with customer survey outcomes for every interaction, providing actionable insights for analytics, quality assurance, and coaching.

The Jibe Data Stream Reduces AHT and Improves QA
for the World’s Largest Optics Company

Human Predictions, Better AI – the Jibe Data Stream

The Jibe Data Stream is a collection of human-generated predictions that enables the continuous improvement of AI systems by providing real-world feedback on customer interactions in call centers.

Optimize Quality Assurance and Drive ROI with JibeIQ.

JibeIQ is a powerful Quality Assurance bolt-on or stand-alone that utilizes Jibed Survey Predictions and other metrics to identify and prioritize interactions for evaluation that will have the greatest impact on Customer Experience and efficiency metrics.

Award-Winning Success: MLB’s Customer Experience Powered by Jibe Data Stream

Unlock the Potential of Training and Coaching

Jibe revolutionizes training and coaching by providing real-time customer survey predictions and targeted interventions, empowering organizations to optimize performance, drive agent development, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.