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Enhancing Customer Experience and Driving Operational Efficiency: A Case Study on Essilor’s Success with Jibe

This case study explores how Essilor of America, makers of popular brands like Ray-Ban, and the world’s largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, achieved remarkable improvements in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by partnering with Jibe, a leading customer experience management platform. Through the implementation of Jibe’s advanced solutions, Essilor revolutionized its approach to managing B2B customer experiences and delivered outstanding results.

Market Challenge:
As a global B2B organization, Essilor faced the challenge of accessing and aggregating real-time data sets to gain a comprehensive view of its global customer experience operations. Executives at Essilor recognized the need for a unified platform that would enable them to make data-driven decisions, respond promptly to strategic accounts, and address critical issues impacting customer satisfaction.

Jibe Solution:
To address these challenges and drive CX efficiencies, Essilor turned to Jibe’s powerful customer experience management solution. Jibe provided real-time alerts, empowering Essilor to proactively identify and address both poor and beneficial experiences reported by eyecare professionals (ECPs). Jibe’s insights enabled Essilor to react quickly to strategic accounts, identify root causes, and prevent recurring issues.

10% AHT Opportunity:
Jibe’s real-time alerts highlighted a significant opportunity for improvement in average handling time (AHT) at Essilor. Through in-depth analysis of call data, Essilor discovered that a specific call type was causing unnecessary delays and errors. With Jibe’s insights, Essilor executives identified the associates responsible for high talk time and low customer experience scores for this call type, allowing them to provide targeted training and improve efficiency.

Real-Time Alerting and Lab Liaison Model:
To ensure effective communication between the labs and the centralized associates, Essilor implemented the Lab Liaison Model. General Managers relied on Lab Liaisons to review Jibe’s real-time alerts for strategic customer accounts and specific call types, promptly addressing any poor experiences. The Lab Liaisons also collaborated with ECPs to reinforce positive experiences and diagnose root causes to prevent recurring problems. This approach allowed Essilor to customize offerings, improve customer retention, and share best practices across the network.

QA Efficiency and Business Improvement:
Jibe’s solution significantly enhanced the efficiency of Essilor’s Quality Assurance (QA) processes. By leveraging Jibe’s data insights and real-time alerts, Essilor’s QA teams were able to target valuable calls for business improvement with up to 90% more accuracy. This precision enabled them to focus on the most critical areas, identify opportunities for process enhancement, and drive continuous improvement across the organization.

Success and Business Impact:
Through the collaboration with Jibe, Essilor achieved significant improvements in customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall customer experience. The implementation of Jibe’s solution allowed Essilor to address pain points in real time, enhance associate training, and deliver more personalized services to its strategic accounts. As a result, Essilor experienced reduced AHT by 10%, improved customer retention, and strengthened customer relationships.

Essilor’s successful partnership with Jibe exemplifies the transformative power of leveraging advanced customer experience management solutions. By harnessing real-time insights, proactively addressing issues, and optimizing operational efficiency, Essilor achieved remarkable results in customer satisfaction and business performance. The collaboration between Jibe and Essilor showcases how organizations can leverage technology to drive exceptional customer experiences, optimize processes, and position themselves as leaders in their industry.

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