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Zacoustic and Jibe, the innovative customer experience optimization platform, is backed by strong intellectual property protection. The technology and methodologies used in Jibe have been safeguarded through a series of patents obtained in the United States and internationally. These patents cover the core features, algorithms, and unique functionalities that make Jibe a cutting-edge solution in the customer experience landscape.

We take the protection of our intellectual property rights very seriously. We are committed to safeguarding our patents and ensuring that our innovative solutions are used exclusively by authorized entities. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or infringement of our patents or the technology underlying Zacoustic or Jibe will be met with strict legal action to protect our rights.

We strongly encourage all organizations and individuals to respect our intellectual property rights. If you believe that your product or service may be infringing on Jibe’s patented technology, we kindly request that you cease and desist from such activities and reach out to us to discuss the matter further. We are open to exploring licensing opportunities for the authorized use of our patented technology.

By upholding the integrity of our intellectual property, we ensure that Jibe remains an innovative and reliable solution for optimizing customer experiences. Our commitment to IP protection not only strengthens our business but also fosters an environment of innovation and encourages future advancements in the customer experience industry.