Tim Lavin, CEO

Tim Lavin, the co-founder and CEO of Zacoustic, is a visionary leader in the contact center industry, striving to create a revolutionary tool for customer experience management. With a diverse background that includes serving as the Chief Operating Officer for TELUS International and holding senior positions at prominent companies like Cendant Corp., Harte-Hanks, and First USA Bank, Tim brings extensive expertise in driving operational excellence and fostering customer satisfaction. As a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran and graduate of Maine Central Institute, Tim’s leadership is characterized by strategic thinking, dedication, and a strong commitment to Zacoustic’s mission.

Brad Young, CFO

Brad Young, the Chief Financial Officer of Zacoustic, joined the company in 2012 as an early investor and advisor. With a strong background in finance and business leadership, Brad brings invaluable expertise to the team. Prior to Zacoustic, he served as the CEO of Vision Care of Maine, successfully driving substantial revenue growth and retiring significant company debt. Brad’s passion for innovation and his desire to make a meaningful impact led him to join Zacoustic, where he plays a vital role in investor relations and commercial contract negotiation. His strategic acumen and financial acuity contribute to Zacoustic’s vision of revolutionizing the contact center industry.

Jim Rothstein, CRO

As the Chief Revenue Officer of Zacoustic, Jim Rothstein brings his extensive experience in sales leadership to drive revenue growth and strategic partnerships. With a career spanning over a quarter of a century in the tech industry, Jim leverages his hands-on expertise to deliver exceptional value and drive market growth for Zacoustic. Previously, he has held key positions such as Chief Revenue Officer at Stave, and served as Vice President of Sales at QLogic and Brocade. Jim’s passion for delivering value, building strong client relationships, and fostering mutual success positions him as a valuable asset in Zacoustic’s mission to revolutionize the industry.

Archer Alvandi, Head of Technology

Archer is the Head of Technology at Zacoustic, where he leads and empowers a top-tier software development team to exceed client expectations in delivering cutting-edge, personalized customer experiences through next-generation digital solutions. Joining Zacoustic in 2018, Archer has held increasingly senior positions within the software development group, driving the company’s growth as a customer experience innovator. With a career dedicated to innovative software design and development, Archer has collaborated with renowned industry leaders such as Microsoft and Intel, contributing to the development of True Key, as well as smaller disruptive companies like Hypergrid. Archer is proud to be part of Zacoustic’s dynamic and disruptive journey, committed to providing exceptional solutions and services to partners and clients worldwide.

Jacob Raska, Head of Customer Success

Jacob Raska is the Head of Customer Success at Zacoustic, where he is dedicated to supporting clients at the forefront of the customer experience revolution. With a strong background in data analytics, Jacob joined the Zacoustic team in 2018 after working on transformative projects that harnessed data insights to drive organizational change for Fortune 500 companies. Throughout his tenure at Zacoustic, Jacob has successfully led integrations across the globe, working with prestigious clients ranging from the largest bank in New Zealand to Fortune 50 companies spanning multiple continents. Passionate about engaging with customers and shaping data-driven strategies, Jacob is instrumental in redefining the customer experience industry through his work at Zacoustic.