Predict, Empower and Optimize

Jibe enables agents to predict and understand customer sentiment, transforming it into actionable real-time data for improved customer experiences.

Agents Convey What Customers Will Say

Jibe prepares agents to make accurate survey predictions by providing a unique and innovative toolset that helps agents understand and anticipate customer sentiment. For every call, chat, or email they handle, agents are prompted to predict how the customer would respond to the company’s existing customer survey. The accuracy of agent predictions is then audited using customer survey responses. As agents continue to predict with consistent accuracy, their predictions are trusted and leveraged to drive better outcomes for both the customer and the organization.

Unlocking Insights, Empowering Healthcare

Learn how the implementation of Jibe empowered TX Health to identify and expand coverage based on data-driven insights, resulting in improved member satisfaction and well-being.

Key Features

Jibe offers accurate survey predictions, enhanced agent engagement, augmented analytics and coaching, and a strong return on investment for improved customer experience.

  • Accurate Survey Predictions: Jibe prepares agents to make consistently accurate predictions about how customers would respond to the company’s existing customer survey for every interaction.
  • Improved Agent Engagement: Jibe creates an inclusive environment where agents are empowered to advocate for customers and have their voices heard.
  • Augmentation of Existing Practices: Jibe augments existing Data Analytics, Quality Assurance, and Coaching processes by providing an accurate survey outcome for every interaction, driving better insights and improved agent training.
  • Strong Return on Investment: Jibe’s insights lead to improvements in NPS, customer experience metrics, decreased AHT, and lower attrition due to improved employee engagement.
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