The History of Making the Customer the Single Point of Truth, and the Agent the Voice of the Customer

Zacoustic, the visionary company behind Jibe, was established in 2010 in Austin, Texas by Tim Lavin and Daniel Pearce. Both founders brought extensive experience and expertise in the contact center industry, having played instrumental roles in the development of contact center globalization and witnessing the evolving significance of Customer Experience management. Recognizing the crucial need for operational leaders to have comprehensive data to effectively manage customer experience, Tim and Dan embarked on a mission to create a transformative tool.

Their vision was to empower contact center leaders to treat customer experience as a core metric, similar to metrics like Average Handle Time (AHT) or attendance. However, they realized that to achieve this, capturing a customer survey outcome for every interaction would be essential. Understanding that customers typically respond to surveys only about 10% of the time, Tim and Dan shifted their focus to the other participant in the interaction—the agent. Their ingenious plan was to have agents predict how customers would respond to each survey, leveraging the naturally random customer survey responses to audit the accuracy of these predictions. This approach made customer perception the single point of truth, with agents serving as the virtual voice of the customer.

Since its inception, Zacoustic has obtained numerous patents to protect their intellectual property and has successfully grown their business by collaborating with some of the most reputable and recognizable brands worldwide. Their relentless commitment to revolutionizing the contact center industry and their innovative approach to customer experience management have positioned Zacoustic as a trusted leader in the field, driving meaningful change and delivering exceptional results for their clients.