Accelerate Your Analytics Journey with Jibe Data Stream: Unlock the Potential of Actionable Insights

The Jibe Data Stream is a valuable asset for analytical professionals, enhancing their capabilities and delivering actionable insights. It seamlessly integrates with popular analytics tools and data visualization products, such as Medallia, Qualtrics, Tableau, Sisense, and even custom applications. By augmenting these tools, it expands the available data for analysis.

Traditionally, customer surveys have low response rates, providing limited macro-level insights. However, the Jibe Data Stream changes this by capturing survey outcomes for every interaction in the organization’s contact center. This comprehensive view of customer experiences enables analytical professionals to extract detailed insights and generate actionable recommendations. With a fully integrated approach, the Jibe Data Stream empowers analysts to uncover patterns, identify improvement areas, and translate data into tangible results, including improved NPS, CX metrics, AHT, and revenue metrics. Its seamless integration into existing workflows simplifies the analytical process, allowing professionals to leverage their preferred tools while benefiting from the expanded data and insights provided by the Jibe Data Stream.

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