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Case Study: Improving Customer Experience with Jibe at DIRECTV


DIRECTV, the nation’s third-largest cable provider, prioritizes delivering exceptional customer experiences. To enhance their customer experience strategy, DIRECTV evaluated Jibe, aimed to measure the impact on customer experience metrics while driving cost savings and improving employee engagement. This case study showcases the successful evaluation of Jibe and its impact on DIRECTV’s customer experience initiatives.

Key Highlights:

1. Rapid Implementation and Accurate Survey Predictions: Participating agents quickly adopted Jibe, enabling them to generate accurate survey predictions for every customer interaction two weeks.

2. Virtual 100% Customer Survey Response Rate: Jibe’s virtual survey response rate provided valuable insights and actionable data, leading to the identification of areas for improvement.

3. Analyzing Contact Reasons and Customer Experience Metrics: Using the Jibe Data Stream, DIRECTV analyzed contact reasons driving higher handle times and lower customer experience metrics. While most agents faced challenges in some, a few stood out with lower average handle times and positive survey predictions indicating customer satisfaction.

4. Identifying Best Practices and Policy Adherence: Through careful evaluation, DIRECTV confirmed that these exceptional agents were adhering to company policies while delivering outstanding service. Their calls were used as templates to define and share best practices with all agents through training, Quality Assurance, and coaching.

5. Recognition of “Best Practice Pioneers”: The high-performing agents who excelled in the identified contact reasons were recognized as “Best Practice Pioneers.” This acknowledgment helped their peers understand the value of using Jibe and implementing best practices.

6. Financial Benefits and Performance Improvements: Evaluating and implementing the identified best practice resulted in a four-year Net Present Value of $13.0 million, a Benefit of $20.6 million, and an impressive 172% ROI. These achievements were built upon reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) by five minutes, improving customer churn rate by 5 basis points, and reducing repeat customer contacts by 1%. Moreover, overall agent satisfaction, measured directly through customer surveys, improved by 4.9%, resolution rates improved by 4.2%, and call transfers were reduced by 9.1%.


Using the Jibe Data Stream, DIRECTV successfully evaluated and improved their customer experience metrics while pursuing cost savings and employee engagement. The identification of best practices, validation of policy adherence, and sharing of successful interaction templates led to significant financial benefits and performance improvements. Through Jibe, DIRECTV demonstrated their commitment to creating outstanding experiences for customers and empowering agents to deliver exceptional service.

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