MLB’s Use of Jibe Data Stream Earns Multiple Stevie Awards and Elevates Customer Experience


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MLB’s Winning Streak with Jibe Data Stream: Driving Customer Experience Excellence

Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLB) has achieved remarkable success by harnessing the power of the Jibe Data Stream. With their strategic implementation, MLB has not only secured prestigious Stevie Awards but also significantly improved their customer experiences, empowered their contact center employees, and elevated their overall customer experience strategy.

MLB faced the challenge of enhancing customer experiences across their international network of contact centers while aligning their agents with the organization’s customer experience strategy. They sought a solution that could drive service recovery efforts, optimize their Quality Assurance process, and provide actionable insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences more efficiently.

MLB turned to Jibe and its powerful Data Stream to address their customer experience objectives. By leveraging the Jibe Data Stream, MLB gained a competitive advantage and unlocked a range of benefits to elevate their performance.

1. Stevie Award Recognition:
MLB’s exceptional use of the Jibe Data Stream resulted in winning multiple Stevie Awards. In 2021, they secured the Bronze Stevie Award for “Call Center of the Year (Over 100 Seats).” In 2022, MLB clinched two Silver Stevie Awards for “Utilizing Agent Predictive Data to Empower Contact Center Employees” and “Best Use of Technology in Customer Service.” Additionally, they won the Bronze Stevie Award for “Best Use of Customer Insight.”

2. Enhanced Customer Experiences:
By utilizing the Jibe Data Stream, MLB successfully implemented service recovery efforts to reduce customer churn. They identified key insights and trends that allowed them to address customer concerns promptly, resulting in improved satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Optimized Quality Assurance Process:
The Jibe Data Stream played a crucial role in MLB’s Quality Assurance process. By leveraging the data and insights provided, MLB was able to identify high-priority interactions for evaluation and deliver targeted coaching to their agents. This led to enhanced agent performance, improved customer interactions, and increased overall quality of service.

4. Empowered Contact Center Employees:
MLB recognized the importance of including their agents in the customer experience strategy. By aligning agents directly with MLB customers through the Jibe Data Stream, they fostered a sense of ownership and engagement among their contact center employees. This resulted in a more positive employee experience (EX) and, in turn, improved customer interactions.

MLB’s partnership with Jibe and the successful utilization of the Jibe Data Stream have propelled them to achieve excellence in customer experience, earning multiple Stevie Awards. Through service recovery efforts, optimized Quality Assurance processes, and empowered agents, MLB has elevated their overall customer experience strategy, cementing their position as a leader in the industry.

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