Zacoustic is the pioneer in Agent-Customer Calibration, enabling customer facing agents to make consistently accurate survey predictions for every interaction handled.

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Calibrator – Agent/Customer Calibration

Teach agents to predict customer survey responses with near perfect accuracy

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Harmony – Enterprise Dashboard

Leverage customer-calibrated data to view the entire enterprise in real-time. No more waiting 2-3 days for e-mail survey responses or trying to manage your metrics with a 5-10% survey response rate from SMS or IVR – with Zacoustic a survey outcome for every interaction is generated immediately by calibrated agents.

Vision – QA and Coaching Optimization

Level up your existing QA and Coaching processes with customer-calibrated data and integrated automation. This vision is realized by leveraging calibrated data to immediately surface the highest priority interactions for each agent at the time of their evaluation.

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Portal – Agent Dashboard

Give agents the tools they need to take proactive action.Managers can customize coaching and training sessions for each agent, implementing best practices and targeting problem areas — all of which leads to improved customer experience.

Aura – Survey Tool

Generate more customer surveys to improve agent-customer calibration. The Zacoustic Aura dashboard displays survey metrics and response rate results by channel. The Zacoustic team works directly with clients to design survey questions that have been proven to yield higher response rates and more effective calibration ability.

Under Development – Ulima AI

Learn about the future of Zacoustic with Ulima AI. First, Globally patented Ulima CXDevine predicts customer survey outcome. Another solution is combining calibrated data with customer spending habits, Ulima CXPanoramic generates a data set and dashboard that allows for the targeting of high value customers.

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Calibrated agents are demonstrably more aware of customer sentiment throughout each interaction, plus they produce accurate survey predictions for every call, chat, email, or face-to-face interaction they handle. With a calibrated customer survey for every interaction, Zacoustic isn’t marginalized by low customer response rates.