Tim Lavin


As co-founder and CEO of Zacoustic, I am thrilled to be part of a team that is attempting to make history in the contact center industry by creating what we hope becomes a tool as ubiquitous as workforce management or CRM technology.

I've had the good fortune to work in many capacities in the call center since starting as an agent in 1992. Watching our industry evolve from an esoteric back office function to the centerpiece of the Fortune 500, as companies spend billions to assure their customers a favorable experience, has been deeply rewarding. However, it's my belief that call center operators lack a single, reliable tool to guide improvements to the customer experience. Filling that gap has been my passion for the past 10 years.

Previous senior positions include serving as Chief Operating Officer for Ambergris Solutions, based in the Philippines. As the first executive hired, I helped secure our first clients and funding, and grew the organization from scratch to over 3,000 employees in just four years. We exited to TELUS International in 2006. Prior to Ambergris Solutions, I held senior positions at Cendant Corp., Harte-Hanks and First USA Bank. I am a graduate of Maine Central Institute and a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Bradley Young


Brad became involved with Zacoustic in 2012 as an early investor and advisor and currently serves as Zacoustic's Chief Financial Officer, leading investor relations and commercial contract negotiation.

Prior to Zacoustic, Brad was the CEO of Vision Care of Maine, a seven-location, multimillion-dollar eye care and outpatient surgery practice, where he drove an 80% increase in revenue while retiring $1.7 M in company debt in just 18 months. He chose to join the Zacoustic team excited by the prospect of revolutionizing a $186 billion industry.

Ilya Lemberg
Head of Technology


As Zacoustic’s Head of Technology, I work closely with our clients to ensure critical customer experience (CX) data and analytics needs are supported in a dynamic and intuitive way by Zacoustic, a beautifully architected product which adapts simply and readily to changing needs and an evolving CX landscape. My passion is coupling complex business requirements with elegant software to surface invaluable insights for our clients.

Since joining Zacoustic in 2018, I’ve led streamlining and refreshing our core customer-agent calibration suite to more easily meet the objectives of strategic clients and partners. Our Team has quickly delivered customized integrations and solutions to enable our clients to boost their customer experience metrics and achieve business objectives.

With a Masters Degree in Information Technology and Software Engineering, coupled with 10 years’ experience leading agile and geographically-dispersed teams, I've been able to build reliable and highly scalable data and analytics software that has driven tremendous client value.

As customer experience software continues its evolution, I look forward to being at the forefront of its innovation and impact.