Vision – QA and Coaching Optimization

Optimize Quality Assurance

Reduce QA Staffing and Engage Agents

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Vision integrates and optimizes your existing QA and coaching platform, entergizing it with customer-calibrated data that ensures agents receive coaching for their highest priority areas of concern.
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See How Zacoustic Aligns Survey Results with QA & Coaching

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Understand how Zacoustic expands the customer survey data you get through survey tools like Medallia and uses it to focus QA and coaching efforts, and in turn, improve the metrics back in Medallia or whatever survey tool you are using.

Vision is designed to optimize QA staffing requirements and connect agents directly to their own performance improvement strategy. This vision is realized by leveraging calibrated data to immediately surface the highest priority interactions for each agent at the time of their evaluation. Then, Vision combines that urgent need with available best practices for the same task. All done in real time with the touch of a button, Vision brings automation and optimization to the organization’s QA practice.

Quality assurance analysts can spend up to 25% of their time trying to find an interaction suitable for evaluation. With a calibrated survey outcome for every interaction, combined with other key pivots like Reason for Contact, Call Volume by Reason for Contact, Sales Conversions, and Average Handle Time, Vision presents the quality analyst with the highest priority interaction to evaluate for the agent when it’s their turn to be evaluated, eliminating the time it takes to search for a suitable interaction to evaluate.

Moreover, since they are central to the process through their calibrated predictions, the agent feeling singled out or treated unfairly is eliminated. The single point of truth is customer perception, as opposed to the burden of customer satisfaction inference being left to the quality analyst, thereby making the coaching process completely inclusive and collaborative to the agent receiving it.

Match Greatest Need with Best Practice

Zacoustic Harmony exposes best practices and allows users to validate and define them within Zacoustic Insights (learn how best practices are defined here).

When it’s time for an individual agent to be evaluated, Vision first identifies the Reason for Contact that the agent handles the most of and is struggling with, based on that agent’s own calibrated data. Next, Vision searches the best practices library to see if there is an available best practice for the same Reason for Contact. If available, it combines the best practice within the form presented to the quality analyst. A direct link to the call recording, or e-mail/chat transcript, is accessed directly from the evaluation, and the organization’s existing QA form is used for the evaluation.

In summary, Vision provides the follow benefits:

  1. Automates the search process
  2. Presents the highest priority need
  3. Couples that need with available best practice
  4. Provides a direct linkage to the call recording/transcript
  5. Utilizes the organization’s existing QA form
  6. Eliminates the agent feeling singled out
  7. Optimizes QA staffing