Net Promoter Score

Improving net promoter score is a key component in improving your customer experience, and Zacoustic’s suite of customer experience tools provides insights that can deliver this information.
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While it’s true that only about 5% to 15% of customers actually fill out customer experience surveys, Zacoustic can fill in the blanks for the remaining 95% of customers. Using calibrated agent predictions through the Harmony Dashboard, you can get a more accurate Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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The Zacoustic Harmony Dashboard brings together numerous metrics in real time to provide a comprehensive look at calibrated predictions from customer-facing agents. These include: 

  • High and low performers
  • Reasons for customer contacts
  • List of agents that need to be recoached
  • Customer satisfaction performance
  • Productivity levels
  • Customer prediction accuracy

Zacoustic Harmony dives deep into this information to find agents who are driving successful results, identify best practices, and even define process failures that need correction. 

This information means you can take immediate action on improving your overall Net Promoter Score instead of waiting for survey responses to come in, if they come in at all. This prompt response can lead to an overall improved customer experience.

Ulima AI

Launching in 2021 as a new addition to the Zacoustic suite of NPS survey tools, Ulima AI evaluates such attributes as free text, voice analytics, customer survey historical performance by task, chatbot calibrated performance, and overall Reason for Contact performance to predict customer survey outcome, including NPS detractors. It also can combine calibrated data with customer spending habits to help you target high-value customers for marketing offers and up-sell, as well as identify at-risk customers requiring special attention.