Customer Feedback Analysis

Zacoustic generates high-quality insights from a combination of such data as customer surveys, customer-facing agent predictions, customer service chats, and productivity levels that can lead to improved customer experiences.

The Calibration Process

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Using Employee-Customer Calibration, Zacoustic combines data from customer survey responses to enable customer-facing agents to accurately predict future customer responses in order to become the Voice of the Customer. Because only 5% to 15% of customers return their surveys, businesses miss out on the majority of information needed to effectively evaluate and improve their customer experience. 

By training agents to predict customer survey responses, customer-facing agents learn to remove their own personal behaviors and bias from the customer service experience and instead focus on the customer viewpoint. These “calibrated” agents then can generate high-quality insights and actions that managers can use to coach agents and improve the customer experience.

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Customer Interaction Analysis

As part of calibration coaching sessions, managers receive a direct link to each call recording or email/chat transcript, which they can use to target specific points of interaction to improve prediction accuracy and behavior. This provides an opportunity to encourage agents to be proactive in recognizing shortcomings that could improve the customer experience. It also offers the manager a chance to highlight moments when the agent is successfully implementing best practices.