Customer Experience Management

Using calibrated survey data, Zacoustic’s customer experience tools can help not only improve customer experience but also simplify the process of managing agents. Zacoustic Harmony provides a real-time view of multiple metrics such as Reason for Contact, Sales Conversions, and Average Handle Time to provide in-depth insights on where agents succeed and what areas need improvement. This information is driven by “calibrated” agents.

The Calibrated Employee

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Zacoustic trains customer-facing agents to predict how customers would respond to customer survey questions in order to remove their personal bias. Zacoustic looks at the agents’ predictions and compares them to the customer survey responses to see where agents can improve their evaluation of future customer responses. 


Once agents start accurately predicting customer responses, they become “calibrated,” meaning they can evaluate customer response without bias from their own behavior.

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Targeted Training

With unprecedented insights from Zacoustic’s customer experience solutions, managers receive invaluable information that allows them to customize coaching and training specific to each agent. This provides increased efficiency and effectiveness for both the manager and the agent, leading to overall improved customer satisfaction. 

Using the Employee Portal, agents can see their own performance ranking, which they can proactively leverage for self-improvement. This allows them to take ownership of their own development and take steps for additional coaching and training. This ability to embark on their own self-improvement leads to higher engagement in their work, which, in turn, can lead to increased morale. Finally, increased pride in their work can motivate agents to deliver an improved customer experience.

Performance Evaluation

Managers can utilize Zacoustic products like Frontline and Coach when preparing agent performance evaluations to effectively target problem areas and highlight successes. For instance, QA Vision does the work of quality assurance analysts by spotlighting high-priority interactions in real time so managers can discuss best practices and solutions to improve the customer experience.