Customer Analytics Platform / Customer Predictive Analytics

Zacoustic brings together a suite of tools that leverage analytics to improve the customer experience. Entered into the system by customers, agents, and managers, this data generates analytics and accurate Net Promoter Scores that highlight areas of success as well as those in need of improvement.

Bringing Data Together

Zacoustic’s Harmony Dashboard pulls together specific metrics that provide a comprehensive picture of the customer experience, including strengths and weaknesses. These include: 

  • High and low performers 
  • Reasons for customer contacts
  • List of agents that need to be recoached
  • Customer satisfaction performance
  • Productivity levels
  • Customer prediction accuracy 
  • Customer survey historical performance by task
  • Chatbot calibrated performance
  • Overall Reason for Contact performance

The information from these customer analytics solutions is delivered in real time, so there is no lag time in waiting for survey responses to come back. This results in prompt attention to unsatisfactory processes, targeted coaching to struggling agents, and implementation of best practices. Ultimately, improved customer experiences can be achieved without delay.