Average Handle Time

Zacoustic’s suite of customer experience tools can help improve Average Handle Time both by bringing together numerous metrics in real time that can identify issues with call handling and by motivating agents to improve. These tools highlight best practices wherein the consistent service delivered with low handle time and high customer experience scores are identified and shared via training and agent coaching. Essentially, it searches out the needle in the haystack and shares it at every level of the organization to spur improvement.

Becoming the Voice of the Customer

call center training

Through calibration, agents can learn to anticipate how customers will respond to customer survey questions based on their interactions. This anticipation removes the agent’s personal behavior and bias from the interaction and, instead, focuses their attention on the customer experience. As such, agents can apply this insight to future customer calls to improve Average Handle Time and, thus, improve the customer experience.

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Motivating Factors 

In addition to coaching and training from management, agents can take ownership of their performance by leveraging Zacoustic’s customer experience tools, like the Employee Portal. This tool features a real-time look at the agent’s rankings for such metrics as calibrated predictions and QA score so they can see where they need improvement. 

Furthermore, Zacoustic Portal includes a help center where agents can review best practices for specific scenarios, review previous coaching sessions, or ask for additional coaching. This empowers agents to seek improvement without waiting for management to provide feedback, while also showing them the immediate results of their efforts. The resulting increase in morale could lead to a drive to improve the customer experience, ultimately improving Average Handle Time.