Zacoustic offers a full suite of customer experience solutions that generate a robust data set for every customer interaction, which can boost key metrics like Net Promoter Score, Average Handle Time, and First Call Resolution. It also increases employee engagement while reducing cost, leading to improved customer experience.

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Zacoustic’s customer service tools collect calibrated survey data to improve customer experience while also easing the process of managing agents. Managers can customize coaching and training sessions for each agent, implementing best practices and targeting problem areas — all of which leads to improved customer experience.

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With a customer survey outcome for every interaction, these outcomes combined with Average Handle Time and Reason for Contact allows Zacoustic to identify the quickest way to delight customers within best practices that can be shared with other agents via training and quality assurance.

Using Zacoustic’s suite of customer experience tools like the Harmony Dashboard, the Zacoustic predictive model allows agents to better empathize with customers and improve behaviors resulting in improved Net Promoter Score.

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Zacoustic utilizes a combination of data entered into the system by customers, agents, and managers to create customer predictive analytics that expose strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience. Because the information is delivered in real time, managers can address each need quickly, resulting in improved customer experiences.

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Using its Agent-Customer Calibration, Zacoustic trains agents to consistently and accurately predict customer survey responses. They then can generate high-quality insights and actions to improve customer experience.

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Improved customer experience relies heavily on First Contact Resolution; therefore, Zacoustic’s customer experience solutions train agents to accurately predict customer survey responses so they can recognize and respond to customer needs during the conversation. This leads to improved customer experience and, ultimately, First Contact Resolution.

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Your agents are critical to improved customer experience, and Zacoustic’s Agent Portal empowers customer-facing agents to take ownership of their job performance. They can proactively make improvements through access to best practices, reviews of previous coaching sessions, and requests for new coaching sessions. This access is essential to building trust between agents and their supervisors that leads to better communication and more opportunities to continually improve job performance.