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Improve Customer Experience With Actionable Insights

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Zacoustic Harmony gives users the ability to manage customer experience just like any other metric currently being managed in real-time. No more waiting 2-3 days for email survey responses or trying to manage your metrics with a 5-10% survey response rate from SMS or IVR – with Zacoustic a survey outcome for every interaction is generated immediately by calibrated agents.

Harmony combines calibrated predictions from customer-facing agents with pivots like Reason for Contact, Sales Conversions, and Average Handle Time to produce robust insights that simply could not be achieved without the quality of data Zacoustic Harmony leverages. Representing a true breakthrough in experience management, Harmony provides users with separate views of the Inner and Outer Loops of Control.

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The Inner and Outer Loops of Control

The Inner Loop represents tasks that are controllable by the customer-facing agents while the Outer Loop defines those out of their control. This one-of-a-kind view allows for tremendous actionable insights including identifying best practices and exposing process failures.

Discover Best Practice

Zacoustic Harmony finds the needles in the haystack, highlighting agents who are driving successful results where their peers struggle. These events are pushed to the Zacoustic Harmony dashboard for validation and definition.

Define and Share Best Practices

With an exemplary specimen attached, best practices are defined and shared throughout the organization. Further, best practices are auto-loaded into the QA evaluation form inside Zacoustic QA Vision.

Process Failure

Zacoustic Harmony suggests tasks that it believes are beyond agent control based on top performing agent’s results within those difficult task categories.

Define Process and Policy Hurdles

Defining process failures based on solid data allows for correction and metrics improvement.