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Enable meaningful and targeted coaching

Connect Agents and Frontline Leadership with Zacoustic Frontline

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Zacoustic Frontline enables supervisors and agents to collaborate and respond directly to the most urgent coaching and QA concerns.

Frontline provides a dynamic platform to align agents and supervisors with customer perception, offering a venue to correct concerns, bringing immediate improvement to your customer experience metrics.

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Zacoustic Frontline pushes critical data directly to the supervisor, enabling meaningful and focused coaching sessions centered on the most pressing concerns.

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    Pending QA Coaching

    When quality analysts complete an evaluation in Vision, those evaluations are immediately presented to the supervisor with a direct link to the completed evaluation, available best practices, and access to the call recording or email/chat transcript.

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    Pending QA Re-Coach

    After an agent receives QA coaching, the Zacoustic algorithm monitors changes in their performance. If no improvement occurs, the supervisor receives a Re-Coaching notification. Since behavior changes are critical to the overall customer experience goals of the organization, Vision focuses on the highest-priority concerns for the agents, helping you realize your objectives through our automated, closed-loop process.

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    Team Coach Me

    Agents can request ad-hoc coaching from their supervisor through the Agent Portal.

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    Team High Priority Inner Loop

    The Team High Priority Inner Loop reconciles those coaching concerns that are within the employee's control but not currently being worked on through either the QA coaching or Team Coach Me processes. For more information about the Inner Loop, click here.