Rockstar Games Leverages Jibe Data Stream to Boost CX and Slash Ticket Backlogs by 50% in Just 5 Days


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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Rockstar Games Achieves 50% Reduction in Ticket Backlogs with Jibe Data Stream

Rockstar Games, a leading international video game and multimedia producer, partnered with Jibe Data Stream to revolutionize their customer experience (CX) and streamline global operations. This case study highlights Rockstar’s remarkable journey as they overcame ticket backlogs, improved service efficiency, and embraced a customer-centric approach using Jibe Data Stream.

Rockstar Games faced an unforeseen surge in customer ticket volumes after implementing Jibe Data Stream, resulting in a significant backlog. Swift action was required to ensure seamless CX and operational efficiency.

Identifying Opportunities:
By leveraging Jibe Data Stream in conjunction with other metrics, Rockstar’s executives and operators quickly identified six opportunities to alleviate the customer backlog and enhance service efficiency. This proactive approach set the stage for targeted improvements.

Chat Cost Savings:
Real-time CX data provided by Jibe Data Stream revealed an exceptional chat agent who handled more than double the chats of her peers while maintaining comparable CX scores. Analysis of agent-level Average Handle Time (AHT) data revealed that speed accounted for only 17.5% of her efficiency. Further investigation unveiled that the agent’s ability to actively engage all three concurrent chats contributed significantly to her success. Implementing this approach across a small group of agents led to a 50% improvement in chat handling capacity and a remarkable 20% boost in CX scores.

Email Backlog Reduction:
Similarly, Jibe Data Stream Insights Dashboard uncovered another valuable opportunity when filtering email interactions. An agent stood out, managing 62% more unique email interactions than peers while achieving above-average CX scores. The agent’s more efficient approach to completing email ticket fields proved beneficial. After validation and implementation across a small group of agents, Rockstar witnessed a remarkable 50% reduction in their global ticket backlog within a week. Ongoing training, supported by Jibe Data Stream alerts, ensured agent adherence to best practices and desired performance results.

Closed Loop Coaching Process:
Post recurrent training, Jibe Data Stream facilitated a closed loop coaching process. The system alerted supervisors to agents deviating from best practices, enabling targeted one-on-one training sessions to reinforce desired performance. This iterative approach ensured ongoing improvement and adherence to optimized service delivery standards.

Measurable Results and ROI:
Rockstar Games achieved outstanding results within a mere five business days. Productivity improvements of 50% were observed in chat operations, complemented by a noteworthy 20% enhancement in native CX scores. By harnessing real-time insights from Jibe Data Stream, Rockstar transformed their service delivery paradigm, elevating CX and achieving significant cost savings.

Rockstar Games’ collaboration with Jibe Data Stream empowered them to conquer ticket backlogs, optimize customer service operations, and deliver exceptional experiences to players worldwide. By swiftly identifying and implementing targeted solutions, Rockstar achieved remarkable efficiency gains and witnessed substantial improvements in CX scores. With real-time data and continuous monitoring, Rockstar Games has cemented their commitment to providing outstanding customer experiences and ushering in a new era of service excellence.

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