Case Study: Leading Cybersecurity Service Provider Utilizes TailorVoice and Improves Conversion Rates

The Problem: Leading cybersecurity service provider wanted to improve the conversion rate of demo requests to demos delivered. However, demo requests often fell through the cracks as potential customers calling their 800-number were routed to a voicemail box and webform requests were frequently ignored due to lack of staffing.

The Solution: TailorVoice began handling all 800-number and webform demo requests in 2011. The cybersecurity service provider’s potential customers experienced a less-than 30 second answer time for phone calls, and webforms were responded to by a live agent within 5 minutes – 24/7. Demos were quickly scheduled, meaning no opportunities were lost.

The Outcome: The cybersecurity service provider grew their sales team from 5 to over 60 worldwide positions, and the Company experienced a successful acquisition in 2013. TailorVoice continues to provide the same services today.

TailorVoice makes our prospective customers feel like they are calling the front desk at a five star hotel. Their agents’ service is timely and impeccable. I recommend TailorVoice to any CEO or sales team leader looking to accelerate growth and improve brand perception!
— Chief Marketing Officer, Leading Cybersecurity Service Provider (Fortune 1000 Company)