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Capture the Benefits of Calibration

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To help agents produce an accurate survey prediction for every interaction, Zacoustic Calibrator provides supervisors with the coaching tools they need by bringing together agent survey predictions and the associated customer survey responses, with a direct link to the call recording, or chat / email transcript into one logical tool. Using Calibrator, agents usually take about five business days to improve accuracy to the point that Zacoustic trusts their data. The agent-customer calibration process is constantly running ensuring that Zacoustic is only leveraging accurate agent predictions.
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Agent-Customer Calibration Explained

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Learn how Zacoustic trains agents to consistently and accurately predict how customers are going to respond to your existing survey through Zacoustic’s patented agent-customer calibration process. Once calibrated, learn how agent predictions are leveraged into Zacoustic analytics, QA, and coaching products to optimize cost attributes like FCR, AHT, and QA staffing all while improving customer experience metrics and engaging employees in a powerful, new way.

How Zacoustic trains agents to make accurate survey predictions

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Zacoustic facilitates a customer survey outcome for every interaction by training your customer-facing agents to remove bias and submit predictions that are reflective of the single point of truth — customer perception.

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How Agents are Trained to Generate Accurate Predictions:

  • Agent Prediction – For every interaction, customer-facing agents predict how customers would respond to your existing customer survey questions.
  • Customer Audit – Zacoustic compares predictions to customer survey responses to help your agents improve future prediction accuracy.
  • Trusted Predictions – When your agents begin generating consistently accurate predictions they become “calibrated”. Then, Zacoustic leverages their trusted survey predictions to reveal actionable insights, effectively making your agents the voice of the customer.
  • Behavioral Innovation – Calibrated agents learn to predict with impunity by ensuring their own behavior is not the root cause of the defect.

Zacoustic Calibrator trains your agents to predict customer survey responses to generate high quality insights and actions. Calibrated survey data stems from agents who make consistently accurate survey predictions. Calibrated data is used power the Zacoustic suite of products, including:

For Zacoustic clients not currently sending customer surveys, check out Zacoustic Aura here.

Nothing changes with regard to the survey questions your organization currently sends to customers, or the channel(s) by which they are sent. With Zacoustic, your customer-facing agents are simply predicting how your customers will respond to the survey questions based on the interaction they just had. When customers respond, agent predictions are compared to those responses to measure and improve prediction accuracy. The Zacoustic Calibrator suite of tools illustrated here demonstrate how this patented process creates a powerful coaching event, improving accuracy and agent behaviors.

Typically, customer survey response rates are between 5% and 15%, which is a large enough sample size for agents to calibrate and provide directionally accurate data. If your current customer survey is extensive, the Zacoustic team will assist in choosing the 2-3 questions most relevant to calibration and finding insights; usually those related to NPS or overall satisfaction, agent satisfaction, and issue resolution.

On average, agents require 5 working days to calibrate. During this period, or at any time an agent is not calibrated, Zacoustic does not trust or leverage their data. Once the Zacoustic algorithm detects the agent is predicting with consistent accuracy, that agent becomes “calibrated”. Further, the calibration process is ongoing, meaning Zacoustic is constantly comparing agent predictions to customer survey responses and while it doesn’t often occur, agents can fall out of calibration. Supervisors are notified through Zacoustic Calibrator when this occurs and are provided with the tools to coach the agent back into calibration.

Zacoustic’s globally patented calibration process provides three key benefits:

  1. Calibrated agents generate a directionally accurate survey outcome for every interaction.
  2. Agent behaviors improve as they learn to predict with impunity by ensuring their own behavior is not the root cause of the defect.
  3. Agents are brought directly into your organization’s customer experience improvement strategies (as opposed to feeling singled out through voice analytics random sampling).

Manage Calibration

The Calibrator Dashboard is utilized by supervisors to coach their agents. As prediction accuracy improves agents become “calibrated” by survey question, at which point Zacoustic trusts and leverages the data they generate. While infrequent, agents can fall out of calibration and when this occurs, supervisors are notified via the Calibrator Dashboard.

Improve Accuracy

Calibration coaching sessions have three unique and powerful elements:

  1. The agent prediction
  2. The customer response
  3. A direct link to the call recording or email/chat transcript

These attributes make for a no-nonsense coaching session using customer perception as the single point of truth (as opposed to the interpretation of a QA analyst, etc.) This creates a meaningfully unique coaching moment that engages the agent while improving prediction accuracy and behavior.