Zacoustic Calibrator

Comparing customer survey responses to agent predictions for the same interaction, Zacoustic Calibrator facilitates improved prediction accuracy. The full suite of dashboards and tools guides the employee coaching process. Calibrated employees demonstrate improved behaviors.

Generate a Survey for Every Interaction

Zacoustic Predictive Survey


Mirroring the existing customer survey, agents predict survey outcomes for every interaction. The Zacoustic implementation does not change the existing survey questions or channel of delivery. If the existing survey is extensive, 2-3 key questions related to satisfaction and resolution are utilized.

Manage Calibration

Zacoustic Calibrator Dashboard


The Calibrator Dashboard is utilized by supervisors to coach their employees. As prediction accuracy improves employees become “calibrated”, by survey question, at which point Zacoustic trusts and leverages the data they generate. While infrequent, employees can fall out of calibration when this occurs, supervisors are notified via the Calibrator Dashboard.

Improve Accuracy

Zacoustic Calibrator Dashboard


Calibration coaching sessions have three unique and powerful elements; (1) the employee prediction, (2) the customer response, and (iii) direct access to the recording or transcript of the interaction. These attributes make for a no-nonsense coaching session using customer perception as the single point of truth (as opposed to the interpretation of a QA analyst, etc.) This creates a one-of-a-kind and powerful coaching moment that engages the employee while improving prediction accuracy and behavior.