Teach Agents to Predict
Customer Survey Responses


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Learn how agents calibrate here.

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Agent-Customer Calibration Explained

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Learn how Zacoustic trains agents to consistently and accurately predict how customers are going to respond to your existing survey through Zacoustic’s patented agent-customer calibration process. Once calibrated, learn how agent predictions are leveraged into Zacoustic analytics, QA, and coaching products to optimize cost attributes like FCR, AHT, and QA staffing all while improving customer experience metrics and engaging employees in a powerful, new way.

The Crossraods of Customer Experience & Employee Engagement

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Calibrated agents are demonstrably more aware of customer sentiment throughout each interaction, plus they produce accurate survey predictions for every call, chat, email, or face-to-face interaction they handle.

With a calibrated customer survey for every interaction, Zacoustic isn’t marginalized by low customer response rates. Learn how Zacoustic Harmony pushes actionable data to users in real-time.