About Zacoustic

Based in Austin, Zacoustic is the creator and authority of employee customer survey prediction enablement and analytics. Over the last decade, Zacoustic has helped businesses of all sizes, from local SMEs to global Fortune 500 companies, empower their employees and deliver world-class Customer Experience and Employee Experience management.


Zacoustic was founded as a solution to the frustrations and pain points call center operators experience on a daily basis. Through our patented CX analytics platform, we quickly became a trusted CX partner for businesses and enterprises alike.

As the experience management industry continued to evolve, Zacoustic prioritized finding other ways to fuel better CX. As a result, we shifted our focus on the other vital part of the CX equation: Employee Experience.

Today, Zacoustic offers patented and innovative EX plug-ins that fill customer survey data gaps, generate actionable insights in real-time, and drive transformative experiences for both employees and customers–all on your favorite experience management platforms, including, Salesforce and AWS, with dozens of other platforms coming very soon!


Meet the minds behind the revolutionary EX plug-ins that are taking the CX industry by storm. Without them, Zacoustic simply wouldn’t be “Zacoustic”.

Tim Lavin


Bradley Young


Archer Parviz Alvandi

Head of Technology

Jake Raska

Head of Client Success


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