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Zacoustic is an innovative customer experience management big data and analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool. Its globally patented Customer Calibration process enables agents to accurately predict customer survey responses key to organizations’ strategic objectives. With Zacoustic, executives drive more insightful and impactful process, policy, product, and technology decisions while operations leadership responds with agility to real-time customer experiences. Zacoustic is a global company based in Austin, TX.

Zacoustic Leadership

Tim Lavin

Tim Lavin


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Brad Young

Bradley Young


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Archer Parviz Alvandi

Archer Parviz Alvandi

Head of Technology

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jake raska

Jake Raska

Head of Client Success

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We Serve Decision Makers Like You

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Director of Customer Experience

In your role, you need data insights that allow you to understand exactly what’s working and not working. Zacoustic simplifies this process by providing a customer survey outcome for every interaction and then leveraging those throughout the system to expose and correct process, product, and individual agent performance improvements. Zacoustic provides a full suite of tools that enable both in-depth and ad hoc analyses allowing you to generate rich insights that guide the organization’s overall customer experience strategy.
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Head of Call Center Operations

Your job is to deliver improved experiences for the customers and agents you serve. Zacoustic provides manager, supervisor, and agent dashboards that focus on the most urgent of performance concerns and tracks improvements following coaching and training sessions. The tool is designed for the front line, to integrate with your existing quality assurance and coaching practices making the overall process more efficient and impactful.

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Director of Quality, Training & Development, PMP

Zacoustic integrates your existing quality assurance processes and optimizes them through the provision of high-quality customer experience data. Identifying the most urgent of QA and coaching needs is the driving force of your role, and with a customer survey outcome for every interaction, coupled with other key metrics like the reason for contact, average handle time, and sales conversions, Zacoustic presents the highest priority performance improvement requirement for each agent. This allows you and your team to produce high impact evaluations, focused action plans, and training content that has an immediate impact on agent performance improvement. Zacoustic’s automation allows for the optimization of QA staffing while producing superior results.

We Serve Industries Like Yours



Facing changing customer expectations across different demographic groups based on income, education, and age is the challenge for financial institutions today. Zacoustic facilitates a unified vision and strategic blueprint that is consistent with the financial service’s industry effort to provide a simplified, data-enabled, insight-driven customer experience. Zacoustic helps financial services organizations forge deeper relationships with customers through improved process efficiencies, and more empathetic and focused agents who receive customized coaching and training to address their highest priority performance improvement needs.
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Travel and hospitality companies are continuously adopting new business models to address the diversified demands of potential consumers. According to Adobe, 56 percent of travel brands say customer experience is the primary way they seek to differentiate themselves. Zacoustic accommodates this initiative by not only generating customer insights for every interaction across multiple touchpoints, but also engaging agents through a unique and patented process that makes them acutely aware of customer distress, and provides them with the tools to take proactive corrective action during an interaction. Zacoustic facilitates differentiated service leading to improved customer loyalty and spend.

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Utilities are facing challenges such as an increase in the number of private players expanding their presence in the energy and utilities and other public sectors. Thus, in order to retain existing customers and sustain their foothold in the market, these companies have increased the adoption of customer experience management solutions also to gain customer engagement and loyalty. Zacoustic helps utility companies provide exemplary service to their customers through engaged and empowered agents. Across utility sectors, Zacoustic is a customer-centric solution that places agents and customers at the forefront of customer experience initiatives.

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Over the last few years, the healthcare industry began to prioritize patient experience as the industry is redesigning its business models to better provide effortless services. To enhance customer experience and ensure brand loyalty, numerous healthcare companies rely on the insights that only Zacoustic can produce, and the employee engagement that generates both customer and agent loyalty. Making your customer-facing agents the Voice of the Customer drives a deep understanding of your customer’s issues and requirements. Calibrating agents to customer sentiment is pivotal in an industry where people come first.

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The tech segment is witnessing intense competition due to an increase in the number of players in the sector. These companies are faced with the challenge of differentiation in terms of providing improved customer services, from customer analytics to employee engagement, so as to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Zacoustic simplifies the customer experience management process through a full suite of products designed for executives, front line agents, and data analytics professionals. Zacoustic’s solutions enhance and optimize customer interactions, thereby improving customer loyalty.

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Luxury Retail

Customer experience is most important to survive in today’s competitive luxury brands businesses. The luxury sector has witnessed rapid changes in consumer behavior with advancements in technology. In order to meet this market trend, Zacoustic’s integrated approach enables luxury brands to optimize their customer experience irrespective of touchpoints, thereby improving customer experience and propelling the growth.