About Zacoustic

Zacoustic increases customer feedback to 100% of calls handled and then leverages a massive data set to expose enterprise level process improvement and training opportunities. 

Increasing customer feedback is realized by calibrating agents directly with customers. Following every interaction, agents predict how your customers are going to respond to your existing surveys. When customers reply, their responses are compared with the agent predictions. Incongruent responses are the basis for improving agent prediction accuracy. With practice agents are able to respond with total accuracy nearly 100% of the time.

BalanceCXI, producers of Zacoustic, is a software and process development organization focused on simplifying First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Experience (CX) measurement, management, and optimization for captive and outsourced contact center organizations. BalanceCXI is a private company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Zacoustic, is available for implementation in any contact center environment and is compatible with multiple media (phone, chat, e-mail, SMS). The BalanceCXI team assists with every detail of the implementation including on-the-ground support, project management, training, technical and operational implementation, and scaling. After implementation, BalanceCXI provides ongoing product innovation, technical and customer support, and consultative services. BalanceCXI partners with its clients throughout the relationship to ensure that the products and services are of unquestionable value and consistently yield projected returns.



Building software platforms to promote continuous improvement and simplify complex systems.


Aligning the world of business with the world of consumers.

Zacoustic is Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based application, which makes set-up, deployment, use, and maintenance easy and secure.
Zacoustic is patented in the United States and internationally and protected from duplication in any form. Creation of any imitation including any simplified version of its design or concept is expressly forbidden.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc.
Zacoustic and the Zacoustic logo are trademarks of BalanceCXI, Inc., registered in the United States and internationally.

Zacoustic is the patented customer experience management system for contact centers. Zacoustic automates the Quality Assurance and supervisor-agent coaching processes and exposes business improvement opportunities while optimizing customer experience metrics like Net Promoter, Customer Experience and First Call Resolution. Zacoustic features a full reporting suite for individual and group performance and robust business intelligence.