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Dan Pearce - Executive Chairman

Daniel Pearce is the Chairman of BalanceCXI, which he co-founded in 2010. Mr. Pearce has over 30 years of experience in the contact center and telecommunications industries. As chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Pearce is responsible for shaping the strategy of the company and overseeing the day to day affairs of the business...more

Tim Lavin - President & CEO

Tim Lavin is the President and CEO of BalanceCXI, which he co-founded in 2010.
In 2001 Tim joined Ambergris Solutions in Manila, the Philippines, in the pre-funding and pre-revenue stages of the company’s evolution. He built the operational capabilities of the company to include Baleen, a software based performance...more


Bradley Young - Chief Commerical Officer

Brad became involved with BalanceCXI in 2012 as an early investor and advisor and currently serves as BalanceCXI’s Chief Commercial Officer, leading investor relations and commercial contract negotiation. Prior to BalanceCXI...more

Chris DeSimone - Head of Operations

Chris DeSimone leads Operations at BalanceCXI and is currently a Managing Partner of the International Consulting & Research Group (ICAR Group). Prior to ICAR Group and joining the BalanceCXI Team...more



Amina Masic - Product Owner 

Amina is a highly experienced software development professional, product owner and Certified Agile Professional. At BalanceCXI Amina leads product design and development, as well as client relationship management and implementations. At Broadbean Technology she held various roles including BDAS New Product Development, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Amina was Product Owner at Mopro.

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Daniel Evanoff - Director

Mr. Evanoff co-founded Excell Agent Services in the United States and Excell Multimedia in the United Kingdom in 1994. Within 5 years, Excell Agent Services grew to over $330 million in revenues and $30 million in pre-tax profit. Excell Multimedia had revenues of $15 million with profits over $3 million. While at Excell, he established...more


Neil Rae - Advisor

Mr. Rae has held executive positions within global contact center outsourcing firms which informs his customer experience expertise. Most recently he served as Regional General Manager for North America and Asia at Transcom Worldwide. As a member of the Global Executive Committee, reporting to the Company’s CEO...more

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Jonathan Reinsdorf - Advisor

Mr. Reinsdorf is the President of FroogaliT, LLC, a global mobile payments company and security house. He has over 18 years of legal, investment banking, real estate and higher education consulting experience...more


Paulo Silva - Director 

Paulo currently serves as Vice President, Business Development, for Latin America for the BPO division of ACS, a Xerox company. Prior to ACS, Paulo joined Dell Inc. and served as Director of Dell’s Global Procurement for Call Center and Field Delivery...more